El fenómeno del populismo de derecha: una entrevista con Bill Fletcher Jr.

This article by Natascha Uhlmann was originally published in EnglishEste artículo por Natascha Uhlmann fue publicado originalmente en inglés.
Bill fletcher ha sido un activista desde su adolescencia...

الرأسمالية مقابل الاشتراكية: نقاش مختلف

This article by Richard D. Wolff was originally published in Englishظهر هذا المقال عل صفحه Truthout.org

...مرة أخرى، تهدد تناقضات وعيوب ونقاط ضعف الرأسمالية الخاصة، تهدد وجود الرأسمالية نفسه. الانهياران العالميان



Economic Update: Rising Costs of Capitalism's Failures

This week, Prof. Richard Wolff presents updates on courts blocking Trumps attack on sanctuary cities, selling Whole Foods, Jack Ma and blaming technology for jobs collapse, falling department store jobs since 2000, British queen's enterprise award to...



Economic Update: Enabling Worker Coops

On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Richard Wolff presents updates on capitalism and Earth Day, Chinese movie industry overtakes Hollywood, small businesses use cooperatives to...

How they get rich: The top and the very top


The growth of inequality over decades is due to the ability of those at the top and those at the very top to capture a large portion of the growing surplus. But there has also been a change in the nature of that inequality in recent years, at least for those at the top—which is not due to escalating wage inequality, but to a boom in income from the ownership of stocks and bonds. They’ve now joined the ranks of the “coupon clippers,” who are able to use their accumulated wealth to get their share of the surplus.

The owners of capital at the very top are mirroring the structure of inequality last seen during the first Gilded Age.


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