1. What are your views on capitalism?

  • Winner take all pool tournament - one winner, losers get "owned" or destroyed. Regulating capitalism is an oxy-moron (see rules of the "free market").
  • Creates inequality - Pikety
  • Creates social instability/structural violence - Spirit level/P.Joseph
  • Puts corporate welfare over the workers needs
  • Corrupts politics and lawmaking by way of lobbying (legal bribery), corrupts and distorts the electoral process and subverts the media.
  • Forever having cyclical downturns
  • Causes "financialisation", plutocracy, oligarchy
  • Profit at any cost - environment, people suffer
  • Creates top-down authoritarian hierarchies, fascism and fosters the placement of sociopaths and psychopaths in positions of trust or leadership.
  • Destroys horizontal bottom-up authority structures (democracy)
  • Distorts the definition of "freedom". Capitalist illogically beg to differ on this (winner-take-all/inequality is anything but freedom).
  • Subordinates people to business instead of business to people. People's needs come second after business needs. This is ethically and morally backwards.
  • Promotes competition over cooperation or sharing. Competition breeds contempt and promotes the "game theory" of winners and losers. Promotes adversarial conflicts.  
  • Promotes an ownership class that delineates the "haves" from the "have nots" which is the basis of law creation, crime and the ruling class. Disagreement on the rules is due to inequality.
  • Encourages policy-making that favors the ownership class.
  • Engenders central private banking and disfavors public banking.
  • Espouses privatization, privately owned and not a public commonwealth. Can you see your water supply being owned by an individual or corporation?
  • Is ensconced in "neoliberalism" which is the drive behind the war-for-profit financial/military industrial complex. If this isn't a glaring national security issue, I don't know what is!
  • Destabilizes democratically elected governments which refuse to do business with the US or western central bankers. This ultimately destabilizes global peace itself.
  • Reversed the Glass-Stiegal act, dismantles corporate regulation.  
  • Causes tax evasion by the rich, off-shoring wealth, corruption in the stock market/wall street.
  • Causes corporatism and the arrogant "corporate culture" or sense of entitlement.
  • Causes corporate media monopolies and information control, censorship and spying.
  • Causes wealth to not trickle down but trickle up. Theft by all meaning of the definition.
  • Steals the added value of the worker and gives it to the business owner in the form of profit. This profit actually belongs to the worker.
  • Distorts the meaning of "earned".  Earned is more accurately "stolen".
  • Promotes "value distortions". Wealth above and beyond the primary necessities of person, home and community is a value distortion.
  • Causes a gross misappropriation of resources and pollution. Promotes "luxury" consumption.
  • Promotes planned obsolescence and wasteful cyclical consumption.
  • Allows for the possibility of one person owning the entire earth which implies owning you. This is a true statement in the orthodox definition of capitalism.
  • Promotes selfish indignant behavior, arrogance, indifference, intolerance, racism and discrimination.
  • Promotes a "police state", warrant-less spying, militarization of the police.
  • Causes corruption of non-profits, Universities and public education.
  • Allows Universities to avoid taxation and become speculative investment entities. "A university attached to a investment fund". Wolff
  • Avoids criticism via self-censorship. Is undisputed and never debated or discussed.
  • Erodes true National Security (i.e. Global security).
  • Is a kinder form of slavery but is slavery nonetheless.
  • Is cannibalizing itself. 
  • Hates equilibrium, natural stasis or natural flux. Forces artificial change on people and environments which is unsustainable.
  • Is a stepping stone toward a newer and hopefully equitable economic system. Served a purpose in a world of scarcity but is now obsolete. P. Joseph
  • If ever it was constructive historically, it is now no longer. It is verifiably destructive on so many levels and is getting worse exponentially. Very scary stuff if you are paying attention. 
  • Join Democracy at Work to fix this today! 

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