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Interested in contributing to our blog? We are currently accepting content for Coop Talk, a democratic-workplace focused blog of Democracy at Work.
Effective immediately, we are welcoming volunteer guest posts and publishing content on the worker cooperative movement in a wide array of formats. We invite you to consume, utilize and share the material provided on Coop Talk, but we also want you to become part of the conversation.
Coop Talk is currently accepting submissions that:
  • Reports on the failures of our existing economic system in relation to real solutions;
  • Op-Eds and commentary advocating for worker-owned cooperatives and democratizing the workplace;
  • Scholarly and research-based articles on the economics and political feasibility of worker-owned cooperatives;
  • In-depth multimedia profiles on coops and worker-owned enterprises operating in the U.S. and abroad;
  • Activist reports from d@w-Groups as well as individuals in support of worker-owned cooperatives in their communities;
  • Historical essays about worked-owned enterprises and the international worker cooperative movement.

A special thank you to our volunteer editorial team:
Paul SlikerEditor
Helen Brandt, Copy Editor
Kayla JonesCopy Editor
George Speckman, Copy editor
Interested in volunteering as a copy editor? Email:

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