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In January of 2015, Prof. Wolff began an hourly show on community sponsored radio,    90.1 on the FM dial, in Houston, Texas. I began listening every Monday, at 9:00 a.m. to his Economic Update and also viewed Prof Wolff's educational video's on his website. I read books he wrote and suggested, Democracy at Work and two by Harriet Fraad.  The books and new information  changed my life. I realized that I had the same ideas and views but never had an outlet to share them. I wrapped my mind around the topics and weekly updates that Prof. Wolff spoke of. The first change I made was in banking. I changed from a national bank to a community credit union.

This upcoming November, 2015 Prof. Wolff will be speaking in Houston through arrangements with our listener supported radio. I will be volunteering at the event.I support D@W because I have the same values and beliefs in regards to humanity, the environment, equality and economics. Thank you for all your good work.

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