Economic Update: Capitalism v Democratic Socialism


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Today's episode includes updates on a monstrous beer merger, buying the US presidency, homelessness in Hawaii and the Canadian election results. Prof. Wolf responds to a listener's question on the relationship of individualism to capitalism and socialism. We end on a major discussion of the history of socialism vs. capitalism with a focus on the specific place of democratic socialism.

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    Dr. Wolff, Love all your updates… just purchased your book… as well as Robert Reich’s, Joseph Stiglitz, and Paul Krugman’s… I’m in economic immersion mode… and have been for quite a few years :) … probably because i have not had a paycheck now for 6 1/2 years… and I guess I don’t want to contribute to a system that robs me every chance it can get. There are millions of us walking around and we are not working for 1979 wages… To have to see our children do it to survive is pretty heartbreaking. Hope we can turn this around although the task looks daunting.
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    Across the world communities are looking for new alternatives to the system we call “Capitalism” . Of course there are many types of ‘capitalisms’ as there are ‘socialisms’ so we need to choose wisely from these varying systems to best meet our cultural, social and economic needs.
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    This new site does not seem to allow one to download the show in MP3 format, like I have done in the past. Please advise.
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    Thank you for your work and for noting the positive contribution of Bernie Sanders for the betterment of our society. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” You make a good case how that motto should be applied to our economic system as well.
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    Thanks a lot Richard. You are doing exactly what this country needs. Politically educated people. Community engagement. Providing solutions to this nonsense. I’m personally craving for more of your speeches. I put my hat off.
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    Beautiful show, I enjoyed the historical explanation of the difference between socialist and communist. Also the U.S. explanation of how the marxist coalitions were broken down and weakened.
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    Great show, like always!
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