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george osborne
George Osborne Unveils Employee ‘Shares for Rights’ Scheme

In his Tory conference speech on Monday, the chancellor unveiled a £100m "employee-owner" scheme that will allow shares worth £2,000 to £50,000 to be exempt from tax if employees give up certain work rights, such as the right to claim unfair dismissal. More

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Denmark’s Cooperation Committee

National legislation ensuring that workers are represented alongside management in decisions "to promote cooperation throughout the enterprise, for the benefit of the enterprise as such and the individual employee". More

Italy’s Marcora Law (law 49/85)

Italy’s Marcora Law (law 49/85) allows redundant workers to use their accumulated unemployment benefit to capitalise a buyout co-operative. It thus forms part of the welfare bridge from unemployment to self-employment. More


Spain’s Royal Decree 1300/2009

Included in Spain’s Royal Decree 1300/2009 is the elimination of the current 24 months waiting period to accept unemployment benefits for those who join worker cooperatives or labor societies. More


New Co-operative Law Introduced to California Assembly

The Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) is trying to address the lack of formal legal structures for worker cooperatives by sponsoring legislation to amend California’s Consumer Cooperative Corporation Law, Corporations Code § 12200 et seq., to permit explicitly the formation of worker cooperatives. More

2011 Bankruptcy law Nº 26.684 in Argentina

2011 Bankruptcy law Nº 26.684 in Argentina allows workers to purchase a company and form a cooperative if it becomes insolvent. More