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May 1st is recognized as the international day of labor. Over 50 countries recognize the day as an official holiday while dozens of others mark the day with large marches and protests. Yet, the nation in which it all began, the United States, does not recognize May 1st as a day for workers, instead the day is curiously observed as "Law Day". In this episode we interviewed Jonah Walters, a writer for Jacobin Magazine who recently published a piece on May Day, to explore the origins of May Day as well as the the peculiar  history and specific struggles that made this day the day of international labor. 

Further resources on the history of May Day
  1. Industrial Workers of the World, "The Brief Origins of May Day"
  2.  Articles from our guest on the show, Jonah Walters, "Labor Day is May 1"  and "Today is Our Day"


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    Thanks for this important history lesson! I look forward to future podcasts.
  • commented 2016-05-18 17:25:58 -0400
    The button that says ‘Click here to download’ leads to a page
    where I can see no option to actually download the show
    Is there any other way to download and listen on my MP3 player
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    Good job on an exciting new show! I look forward to future episodes.
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    Wonderful first show about the history and importance of May 1st!
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