Epstein: A Capitalist Saga - a Capitalism Hits Home Special Live Event


Epstein: A Capitalist Saga - Capitalism Hits Home Special Live Event

with Dr. Harriet Fraad and Julianna Forlano

Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work & Judson Memorial Church


Dr. Fraad talks about what happened with Jeffrey Epstein, how and why it could happen and the question of justice.



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: How Capitalism Works

[S2 E04]

In this episode, Prof. Harvey breaks down how capitalism works and why it is important to examine the long-run evolution of capital and the long-run pressures placed on capital that inevitably make it unsustainable.


All Things Co-op: Democratic Psychology


Are we really built for democracy at work?



Economic Update: Capitalism's Uneven Development

[S10 E06]

This week’s episode of Economic Update features an introductory discussion by Professor Wolff on capitalism's systematically uneven economic development. From Marx's original criticism of capitalism for producing and...



Capitalism Hits Home: Faith, Family and America's Future

[S2 E03]

On this week's show, Dr. Fraad talks about why disciplining people to submit is crucial for authoritarian rule...


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