WIN Short: Chobani Shares Profits with Employees

This is a production for Workers Independent News by Democracy at Work.

Hello. I want to tell you a story briefly of the Chobani Corporation, a company with 2000 employees that makes Greek style yogurt. It has been very successful over recent years and is now a company worth between 3 and 5 billion dollars. But what is important about that is not how successful the company has been but how it relates between the workers on the one hand and...


This is a project of Workers Independent News brought to you by Democracy at Work. 

WIN Short: Automobile Industry and National Well-Being

Hello this is Richard Wolff from Democracy at Work. Today I want to talk to you about the automobile industry once again. Yes I know, they have been in the news for not telling us about ignition problems that killed and wounded a lot of people. I know they have been in the news for having problems with seatbelts. And I know they have been in the news, with VW particularly, having faked emissions tests. But now this last week...


This special feature is produced by Democracy at Work for Worker Independent News (WIN).

WIN Short: VW And Mistubishi – Profit Over Public Health

Well the last few days have been full of reports about two global car companies, VW out of Germany and Mitsubishi out of Japan. These are among the handful of companies dominating the world automobile production process. And both of these companies have been in the news for the same reason. They got caught, cheating on emission tests. Deliberately installing on...


EconoMinute: The Crisis of Puerto Rico


In this EconoMinute, Prof. Richard Wolff discusses the current debt crisis facing Puerto Rico.



Economic Update: Poverty and the US Economy

On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on slow US economy, money drives Yale, Chobani workers get profits, more car corps scandal, and...


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