Cities After…Silvia Federici on Feminism, Communal Spaces, and Collective Memory

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This episode of Cities After… is a conversation between Prof. Robles-Durán and Silvia Federici, feminist activist and scholar, which took place at the New School in New York City. Silvia Federici has been shaking Marxist traditions to their core since the 1960s by posing critical questions about the role of women’s reproductive labor in the development of our human environment and social conditions under capitalism. In this conversation, Robles-Durán and Federici weave through Federici’s life and work in Italy, the US, Nigeria, and Latin America to explore major themes of feminism, class struggle, reproductive labor, colonialism, neoliberalism, and more. Federici’s work is concerned largely with the power of communal spaces and land, welfare rights, reproductive rights and the role of women in social movements, collective memory, and the right to the city.

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About our guest: Silvia Federici is one of the most influential feminist thinkers of our times, a full time activist, scholar and teacher. In 1972, she was one of the co-founders of the International Feminist Collective, the organization that launched the Wages For Housework campaign internationally. In the 1990s, after a period of teaching and research in Nigeria, she was active in the anti-globalization movement and the U.S. anti–death penalty movement. She is one of the co-founders of the Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa, an organization dedicated to generating support for the struggles of students and teachers in Africa against the structural adjustment of African economies and educational systems. From 1987 to 2005 she taught international studies, women studies, and political philosophy courses at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. All through these years she has written books and essays on philosophy and feminist theory, women’s history, education and culture, and more recently the worldwide struggle against capitalist globalization and for a feminist reconstruction of the commons.

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  • Mark J. Lovas
    commented 2022-12-25 07:57:39 -0500
    Have you ever visited El Paso? It is a disaster—nothing but sprawl. Try getting a taxi there!—And that is not a criticism of any ordinary individual who lives there.
  • Wayne Kyle
    commented 2022-12-15 06:12:38 -0500
    Considering the commons from a feminist perspective, this collection centers on women and reproductive work as crucial to both our economic survival.

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