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Richard Wolff is an articulate, highly educated economist who brings a rare and urgently needed socialist perspective to the field of economics. Karl Marx, among others, has been ignorantly and unjustly maligned for decades because of perversions of his principles and philosophy perpetrated by the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea and others. Professor Wolff provides an invaluable service by brushing away the cobwebs of confusion and distortion surrounding Marx's work, and carrying on the much needed and long overdue critique of neo-liberal capitalism, all in service of an elegant and concise call to action: "We can do better!"

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  • Happy 75th Birthday, Prof. Wolff!


    Prof. Wolff's birthday is this Saturday, April 1st!

    Many of us found Democracy at Work through Professor Wolff; whether friends, colleagues, former students, or just as fans of Economic Update and his work! Join us in wishing him a happy birthday and 75th year by leaving a note below: