Economic Update: Small Victories, Big Lessons


On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on victories (1) over US sugar industry and (2) in reducing Sweden's 40-hour workweek to 30 hours with no pay cut. Major analyses of jobs moving south, legal fight over tax exemption for religions, corporate bailouts in Michigan, excess Corp borrowing, and capitalist technology serving profits not people.

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  • Landon Swearengin
    commented 2017-10-07 09:40:04 -0400
    The title itself says that how much this Prof. Wolff is giving importance for democracy. Democracy is the one which treats the people as people and give them some rights on the work and to lead their life. I really like reading your articles which you post in http://www.essayuniverse.net/essaytigers-review/ blog where they have educated me on democracy.
  • Eric White
    followed this page 2016-10-19 11:47:55 -0400
  • Peter Klatt
    commented 2016-07-15 16:56:23 -0400
    When I was in college, I read a work by Herbert Marcuse called “1 Dimensional Man” which posited that the end result of Capitalism, workers are performing very little work as most work is being done by Capital (Machinery) therefore, why should men have to work so hard when they needed work much less to meet their basic needs and wants, therefore the shortened workweek was an end result of progress. Glad to see at least some European countries understand this.
  • Michael Kaye
    commented 2016-06-28 12:07:01 -0400
    As a lifelong Democratic Socialist doing my small part to advocate against the abuses of Capitalism and as one of 23,800 or so members of FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) advocating against the abuses of our Constitution’s first amendment demanding the separation of state and religion, I wish to thank you for discussing the IRS discriminatory clergy exemption issue that steps on the rights of the miilions of us tax paying American Freethinkers (Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, skeptics, the non-religious, etc.). The biilions of tax exempt dollars that religious institutions are favored with over non-religious institutions is unjust and appalling!

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