Economic Update: The Idea of Revolution


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On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on Alabama convicts strike against slavery, Greece's victimization, TTIP exposed, and taxing Yale. Interview with Joan Berezin and Kip Waldo on revolutionary change.


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  • Landon Swearengin
    commented 2017-10-18 04:14:25 -0400
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  • Eric White
    followed this page 2016-10-19 11:47:37 -0400
  • Alan Blanes
    commented 2016-06-07 18:07:36 -0400
    I feel that it is going to become essential that there be a mass education drive to get communities aware of what standards of business practice are essential – and need to be demanded at all levels.

    I am proposing an education drive to get everyone in Canada familiar with the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. This is something that Parliament ratified in 1976. It upholds the principle of economic self-determination. If this Covenant were to be fully acculturated in Canada, it would become clear immediately that schemes to de-regulate investment dealers, and to allow “self-regulation” – something billed as “getting the industry to police itself”, is an ironic falsity. Instead what the de-regulated industry tribunals are doing rather than policing the industry, is saying “we’re keeping this file closed.” Despite evidence of 1) brokerages being convicted to failing to supervise their offices – and then thinking it is perfectly OK to brush off losses including legal fees of $78,000 to a client who was able to fully document his grievance. 2) Our largest national broker pretending to have GICs and then putting the client’s funds in volatile seg funds. This ostensibly prestigious dealer then proceeded to lie about the quality of the client’s memory – denying that he ever contracted for GICs. When this client went to BC Supreme Court, he was able to get disclosure of the contract. Instead of the “regulators” wanting to insure that good faith be honoured, there policy as “we will keep this file closed.”
  • Rick Wilmoth
    commented 2016-05-25 20:18:33 -0400
    I recently read an article that outlined the history of the banking. Most important to me was how the Federal Reserve Bank came about, and its relationship to the central banks of Europe. A giant monopoly that artificially sets rates, and can print as much money as they see fit to benefit their corporate shareholders at the expense the nation’s taxpayers. A rigged and corrupted system that appears to be immune from government scrutiny, regulation, and prosecution for the most part. A system that places its citizens in perpetual debt slavery. A system that was created outside the intent of our Constitution.
    As John Katich reminded everyone in the Republican debates, “Those that control the money control everything.”
    Thomas Jefferson proclaimed that there should be a revolution every 25 years. He also was against the idea of any centralized privately owned bank, because he had witnessed the corruption displayed by the European central banks first hand. He also wrote in the Declaration of Independence that it is the people’s right to evoke change in our government when that government no longer met their duties and responsibilities to the people they were elected to serve.
    I mention the above because as anger spreads across the land during this election year the people need to be reminded that practically all of their concerns and grievances are a direct result of this corporate run central bank called the Federal Reserve. So when the revolution takes place the first item on the agenda should be the destruction of this banking institution and the incarceration of all it benefactors.
  • Bill Banche
    commented 2016-05-24 13:06:19 -0400
    5/24/16 9:50am
    The idea and present reality of a few rich, and the mostly poor or struggling population, with the rich teasing with the very remote ‘possibility’ of ANYone getting rich, by lottery, gambling, playing stocks & bonds, selling short… is very deceptive.
    Personally, I think corporations are and will continue to self destruct.
    They are money making machines, with no soul, no heart, no compassion. Even for themselves.
    They are and will continue to run out of buyers, both of products and their stocks.
    I don’t have an idea what a revolution would be like,
    and not sure it’s needed, other than, as is said, becoming more aware, and being active in as many ways as they can (short of picking up and using a weapon), resisting the perpetration by corporations of the false image and division of the public into far right or far left radicals, black or white, good or bad (In USA imprisoning the largest percent of the population in the world) . Thereby causing many people to just turn off thinking or talking about it.
    democracyatwork.info is one very much needed and appreciated source of enlightenment.

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