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Unlike Mondragon, which has avoided politics in Spain in order to survive attacks by fascist Franco, I think the d@w must consider political activism in the form of supporting, if not actually running candidates.

But this political support by d@w organization or members must be conditional. The candidate should support an anti-capitalist perspective working towards building a socialist economy. Socialism here would be defined as the social ownership, democratic control, and workers' management of the local economic enterprise, industry, and ultimately the entire economy.

The d@w endorsed candidate should support legislation needed to seize privately owned enterprises that lockout, close, re-structure, or move overseas, resulting in the unemployment and impoverishment of workers, using eminent domain laws.

There are many economic and political crises created by globalized capitalism that massively affect  the well being of working people, the entire working class majority, that d@w perspectives don't seem to address. Global warming, climate change and ecological devastation are often caused by corporate profiteering.

The U.S. military is the greatest environmental polluter. The unending wars are driven by multi-national capitalist control of U.S. foreign policy to maximize private profit and wealth, usually victimizing the working class population in the local economy to the economic and political benefit of corrupt local elites.

The entire toxic energy industry (oil, coal, gas, fracking, nuclear, etc.) should be nationalized (socialized) and removed from private ownership in order to either shut them down or transition these industries to non-toxic energy production. The workers employed in these industries should not be victimized but given options of either re-training, education for a new career, or early retirement with full benefits. The enterprises should become WSDEs worker managed co-operative enterprises. 

The d@w political perspective should also consider demanding the ending of private banker ownership of the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve. This institution is now run "of, by, and for" capitalists to further maximize their private wealth and profit. The FED should be tasked with building a democratic economy that provides an universal minimum standard of living for all people to end barbaric wealth inequality.

Some of the features of a democratic socialist economy:

* Universal affordable health care for all, supported by greatly increased progressive taxation.

* Universal tuition-free tax-supported quality public education, from pre-school, K-12, through university.

* Socialize with public ownership of public utilities: water, sewer, power, sanitation, etc.

* Massive job creation to rebuild the antiquated, collapsing infrastructure.

* Support efforts to implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, FDR's "Second Bill of Rights" for economic justice for all.











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