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Ask Prof Wolff: Why Use the word "Socialism"


A patron of Economic Update asks: "My question is: The word "socialism" has been completely corrupted in the USA and associated with all kinds of false and negative connotations, so can we come up with new terminology to express...



Capitalism Hits Home: Healthy Food- A Basic Need for Human Survival

[S3 E22] New

In this part 3 of the 4-part series on capitalist commodification, Fraad and Forlano talk about the need for healthy food for basic human survival. Making food a...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: China's Economic Rise - Part 2

[S3 E08] New

This episode is part 2 of 2. It is a compilation of Prof. Harvey's 3 most popular shows on the People's Republic of China. Harvey explains...



Global Capitalism: March 2021 Live Economic Update

March 2020-March 2021: Covid and the Crash
with Richard D. Wolff 
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work & Judson Memorial Church


Ask Prof Wolff: Why a Worker Co-op Economy Would be Less Unstable

A patron of Economic Update asks: "My question is, would worker owned and operated cooperatives operating in a market driven, profit motivated economy be more immune to the boom-bust...



All Things Co-op: Taking on Rosa Luxemburg's Critique of Co-ops

[S4 E03] New

In her famous text Reform or Revolution, Rosa Luxemburg spent a short chapter discussing cooperatives, and made a classic critique. In this episode...



Economic Update: Socialism and Puerto Rico

[S11 E09] New

On this week's EU, Prof. Wolff presents updates on worsening US inequality, universities borrowing more, billions earned by hedge funds in 2020, Bezos...



Ask Prof Wolff: A Mistaken Critique of Marx

A patron of Economic Update asks: "Famed economist Vilfredo Pareto, who was a lifelong adversary of Marxism, believed that Marx’s view of the history of class struggle was highly oversimplified and misleading – that the struggle goes far beyond...


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