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AskProfWolff: Zombie Corporations


Prof. Wolff answers questions from 2 Patrons of Economic Update: "Can u list the 20 Zombie Corporations now owned by the Federal Reserve...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: The Working Person as Political Subject

[S2 E15] New

On this episode of ACC, Prof. Harvey continues his analysis of this circulation of value-creating capacity within a capitalist...



AskProfWolff: Socialism and Islam

A patron of Economic Update asks: "Hi Professor Wolff. My question is on the theoretical intersection of Islamic economics and Socialist economics...



Economic Update: The "Great Debate" That Wasn't

[S10 E28] New

Throughout capitalism's history, the big topic in economics was how far government should intervene in the economy...



AskProfWolff: How Unions & Worker Co-ops Should Ally

A patron asks: "In light of the worker coops started by organized labor during the Seattle Strike of 1919...



Capitalism Hits Home: The Pandemic's Impact on American Families - Part 1

[S2 E12] New

In this 2 part series, Dr. Harriet Fraad talks about the impact the current pandemic is having on families...



AskProfWolff: How Worker Co-ops Can Lead to Revolutionary Transformations

A patron asks: "I would like to pose a question for @AskProfWolff. How can we organize diffused worker self-directed enterprises...



This is Left: Art as Activism - Eleanor Goldfield

The video, by creative activist and journalist Eleanor Goldfield, is about art - as both fight and salve; the soul and pulse of our movements...


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