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All Things Co-op: 4th Principle - Autonomy and independence


How can a cooperative control itself and not be beholden to anyone else? Can it?




Anti-Capitalist Politics in the time of Covid-19: An Essay by David Harvey

This essay was written by Prof. David Harvey

When trying to interpret, understand and analyze the daily flow of news, I tend to locate what is happening against the background of two distinctive but intersecting models of how capitalism works. The first level is a mapping of the internal contradictions of the circulation and accumulation of capital as money value flows in search of profit through the different “moments” (as Marx calls them) of production, realization (consumption), distribution, and..


Economic Update: Virus Triggers Capitalist Crash

[S10 E16] New

Today’s episode features an analysis of how, why capitalism failed to prepare for or cope with a virus thereby enabling it to trigger another...



COVID-19 Was a Trigger, But Capitalism Caused the Economic Crash

This Op-ed originally appeared at

After the dot-com crash in 2000, economic policy aimed to “get us back to normal.”



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Collective Form of Action

[S2 E08] New

In this episode, Prof. Harvey argues that this crisis has afforded us an opportunity for significant...


Economic Update: The Psychological Aspects of Today's Crises

[S10 E15] New

Today’s episode features an analysis of the social divisions working to undermine the solidarity needed to fight both the Coronavirus...



Capitalism Hits Home: COVID-19: A Psychological, Political and Economic Plague

[S2 E06] New

On this show, Dr. Fraad talks about the Corona Virus tragedy in the US...



Capitalism Has Failed in Fighting Coronavirus

This article was produced by Economy for All, a project of the Independent Media Institute.


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