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Economic Update: Why Capitalism Reproduces Inequality and a Solution


[S11 E07] New

The extreme economic inequalities of both global and US capitalism are not new or exceptional. Capitalism reproduces inequality and repeatedly blocks or reverses redistribution...



Ask Prof Wolff: Why Rising Wages Do Not Necessarily Mean Price Increases

A patron of Economic Update asks: "There is an argument that states "if worker wages rise, the owner/board of directors will pass off the cost to the consumer which offsets...



Ask Prof Wolff: The Tasks of Socialist/Labor Parties Today

A patron of Economic Update asks: "I would love to see a response on the nature of the Neo-Liberal reforms worldwide and their impact on the economic and social objectives of leftist...



Economic Update: The US Political Right in Anger and Mourning

[S11 E06] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the radical policies of Berlin's city gov't and its Die LInke Party; why raising minimum wage to...



Ask Prof Wolff: Capitalism vs. Healthcare

A patron of Economic Update asks: "What can you tell me about Catherine Austin Fitts? How do you feel about her credibility regarding COVID and...



Capitalism Hits Home: Kristen Ghodsee on the Decommodification of Sex - Part 2

[S3 E19] New

On this part 2 of 2, Dr. Fraad and Prof. Forlano continue their conversation with author and Professor Kristen Ghodsee about the interdependence of women's sexual relationships, fertility and motherhood to their economic independence.



Ask Prof Wolff: Money and Inflation in Today's US

A patron of Economic Update asks: "Prof. Wolff, what is the current inflation rate in US? I see on the gov't sites as being 1.4% but after we printed...



All Things Co-op: Alienation, Office Space, and the Cure for Capitalism

[S4 E01] New

Work sucks. But why? Why do we all long for happy hour after work ends? In this episode of the All Things Coop podcast, Larry, Cinar, and Kevin sit down to talk about the...


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