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Cities After…Oligarchy and the Dark Side of Urbanization: Infrastructure and Public Spaces - Pt. 3


[S02 E07] New

Billionaires, or more accurately, oligarchs, exert disproportional influence and control over the world’s political power, media outlets, military discourse, human labor, and natural and urban resources, including those that we commonly regard as public. In this episode of Cities After…, Prof. Robles-Durán looks at the idea of...



Economic Update: Inflation - How Markets Fail

[S12 E17] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about Sri Lanka’s economic crisis as a global example, and how US billionaires escape taxation at our expense. In the second half, Wolff discusses...



Ask Prof Wolff: Bankruptcy Is Normal Under Capitalism

Patron of Economic Update asks: "Can Prof Wolff please explain what it means when a country...



Capitalism Hits Home: Mental Health in a Profit-Driven, Isolated Society

[S5 E09] New

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad continues her discussion of mental health. She argues that we need to do away with the medical model of mental health that diagnoses depression as a brain disease and seeks to treat it exclusively with medication rather than acknowledging the societal and systemic...



Ask Prof Wolff: Can Private Foundations "Save" Capitalism?

Patron of Economic Update asks: "Hello Prof. Wolff, I came across this article that shows there’s a study on 'Re-imagining' Capitalism ( Why is the Hewlett Foundation engaging Howard University’s Center for an Equitable and Sustainable Society? Could this be a way of making...



All Things Co-op: Innovation Under Capitalism

[S6 E04] New

In this episode of All Things Co-op, Cinar, Larry, and Kevin talk about the issue of innovation under both capitalism and a possible cooperative economy. The innovation we’ve seen over the last 250 years has been so immense that people often believe if we changed our economic system, we’d lose the drive for innovation. Though the innovation achieved under capitalism has led to...



Economic Update: Progressive Politics Win

[S12 E16] New

This week on Economic Update, an analysis of Ukraine propaganda war, US inflation worsens, the US college debt crisis and New York City eviction crisis...



Ask Prof Wolff: Why Employees Need a Seat At The Table

Patron of Economic Update asks: "Hi, Prof Wolff. I work as a pilot in the airline industry. We enjoy great pay, benefits, work rules, etc. compared to other labor in the USA. This is because we have strong unions. There is a company that is doing great financially, has publicized massive growth plans, but is dead-set against meeting pilots’ demands for...


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