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All Things Co-op: 3rd Principle - Member Economic Participation


What is expected of worker-owners, and what is given to them? What does it mean to "contribute equitably to, and democratically control, the capital" of a cooperative and what is done with surpluses?



Economic Update: Corona and Our Mental Health

[S10 E14] New

The Corona virus's threat to physical health is clear. Far less...


Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Compensatory Consumerism

[S2 E07] New

Prof. Harvey talks about the areas of economic and daily life affected and disrupted by the Coronavirus outbreak...


Economic Update: #MeToo & Corona: System is Key

[S10 E13] New 

This program focuses on the #MeToo examples of Weinstein and Cosby and also in the failed response to the Corona virus crisis...



Capitalism Hits Home: The Uses and Abuses of Sex - Part 2

[S2 E05] New

On this part 2 of 2 shows, Dr. Fraad talks about what sex is, the different forms of it both positive and negative, and the emotions associated with it. Sexual interactions...


All Things Co-op: 2nd Principle - Democratic Member Control


Cooperatives must be democratic, but what does that mean? What form of democracy is best, and how do workers transition from mere workers and into democratic owners?



Economic Update: Comedy and Tragedy of Capitalism

[S10 E12] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on capitalism's failures exposed by the Coronavirus; Sanders and the re-entry of socialism...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Anti-Capitalist Politics in the Time of COVID-19

[S2 E06] New

In this episode, Prof. Harvey talks about the factors and conditions that enables COVID-19...


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