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Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Inflation and Class Struggle


[S4 E05] New

In this episode, Prof. Harvey examines the current US inflationary crisis and suggests that its cause goes beyond the mainstream explanation of supply and demand. He argues that the crisis has been engineered by capital in an effort to protect profits, weaken the power of labor and discipline social movements. Harvey looks back at the inflation of the 1960s...



Ask Prof Wolff: Falling Profits & Undemocratic Decisions

Patron of Economic Update asks: "What are some potential macroeconomic consequences if a significant number of corporations began to...



Cities After…Laura Raicovich on Oligarchy and Dark Money: Museums, Art and Culture - Pt. 2

[S02 E06] New

In this episode of Cities After…, Prof. Robles-Durán talks with Laura Raicovich, NY-based writer and art curator, about the roles that the global oligarchy plays in art museums and cultural institutions. They discuss how cultural institutions have never been the neutral, inclusive spaces they often market themselves as. Rather, these spaces, both public or private, rely heavily on...



Economic Update: Ukraine & An Empire’s Decline

[S12 E15] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff discusses nurses’ suicides as results of our profit-driven healthcare, sanctions and their effect on inflation, US states where 40% of workers earn under $15/hr, and US corporate...



Ask Prof Wolff: Government Finance - The Truth Behind Borrowing

Two Patrons of Economic Update ask: "Can you please explain the difference between the government borrowing money (from the corporations/rich/other countries) vs. printing money? What are the differences between government bonds for financing...



Capitalism Hits Home: The Business of Mental Health

[S05 E08] New

"One out of four American women take antidepressant drugs." In this episode, Dr. Fraad addresses how mental health is diagnosed and treated in the US. Human suffering and misery have been systematically categorized as disorders for which treatment...



Ask Prof Wolff: The Relationship Between Government and Businesses

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "My original understanding of your position and approach to creating more worker coops was that it could NOT really be successfully done by any government forcing changes in the internal structure of enterprises. I have heard that during Stalin's time that was tried, but failed. My understanding of your position was that, while the government could help in some ways, any large increase in the number of worker coops would have to occur by people...



All Things Co-op: The Canadian Worker Co-op Federation

[S6 E03] New

In this episode of All Things Co-op, Cinar, Larry, and Kevin talk with Hazel Corcoran and Jared Blustein from the Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation. Hazel has been the CWCF's executive director since 1995 and Jared is a founding worker-owner of The Allium, a plant-based worker co-op in Calgary. The group discusses the unique landscape of...


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