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Economic Update: No Matter Who Wins


[S10 E44] New

On this week’s show, Prof. Wolff presents the following short updates: Inspire Brands buys Dunkin Donuts, as big firms grow while medium and small firms...



AskProfWolff: Patents and Copyrights: A Socialist Approach

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "What is the role of patents and copyrights in a socialist society based on worker coop enterprises...



Capitalism Hits Home: Toxic Masculinity - Pt 1

[S3 E08] New

On this part 1 of 2, Dr. Fraad and Julianna Forlano discuss toxic masculinity and how the social and economic conditions of its existence have transformed...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: The Essence of a Capitalist Society

[S3 E04] New

On this episode of David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, Prof. Harvey argues that the transformation of the productive forces under capitalism require...



AskProfWolff: Marx & Bakunin: Socialism & Anarchism

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "I’ve just learned the Prof. Crispin Sartwell intends to publish a book, based on Bakunin, that argues that Marx was an authoritarian...



Economic Update: Capitalism's Worst Nightmare

[S10 E43] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff explores what major social changes will flow from today's combination of major economic crash and the viral pandemic (capitalism's worst nightmare). To answer, we consider...



AskProfWolff: Union Co-ops and Worker Co-ops

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "Dear Professor Wolff, I’ve heard you occasionally mention that DaW has a Union Coop store. What is a Union Cooperative compared to a Worker Cooperative? Do Union Co-op’s...


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