U.S. Economy in Crisis, the Demise of the American Dream & China's Rise w/ Prof. Richard Wolff

Professor Richard Wolff joins Rachel Blevins on her show to discuss the current pro-Palestinian protests on university campuses and the broader socio-economic issues facing the United States. He compares the student protests to historical anti-war movements, criticizing the police and government response as heavy-handed and anti-free speech. Wolff also reflects on America's changing global economic position, highlighting the anxieties and frustrations due to growing inequalities and diminishing job prospects for younger generations. The discussion covers the American housing crisis, touching on the shift from home ownership to renting and the systemic issues contributing to this trend. Finally, Wolff warns of the potential for increased protest and union activity as young Americans face an uncertain economic future and denounces the vast spending on foreign aid while domestic issues are neglected.

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