The Socialist Program: The Politics of the Government Shutdown

Prof. Wolff joins Brian Becker to discuss the looming threat of another government shutdown as the September 30th deadline for passing a federal budget approaches. They highlight the absurdity of this recurring political theater, where both Republicans and Democrats fail to address the root issue: raising taxes on corporations and the rich to solve the deficit problem.

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AI: Profit vs. Freedom

Article by Richard D. Wolff

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a profit opportunity for capitalists, but it presents a crucial choice for the working class. Because the working class is the majority, that crucial choice confronts society as a whole. It is the same profit opportunity/social choice that was presented by the introduction of robotics, computers, and indeed by most technological advances throughout capitalism’s history. In capitalism, employers decide when, where, and how to install new technologies; employees do not. Employers’ decisions are driven chiefly by whether and how new technologies affect their profits."

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Project Censored: Empowerment Beyond the Strike

In this interview with Prof Wolff on the Project Censored radio show, the discussion focuses on two-tiered worker systems in various industries, the implications for both corporations and workers, and recent strikes and labor union tactics. The conversation also touches on the potential for worker cooperatives to empower employees and reshape workplace dynamics.

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The David Lin Report: The Great Capitalism Vs. Socialism Debate - Arthur Laffer & Richard Wolff

Prof Wolff debates Arthur Laffer on the David Lin Report in a discussion comparing capitalism and socialism in the context of the U.S. economy. They explore topics such as economic performance, income inequality, taxation, and government intervention. Wolff emphasizes the need to question the organization of workplaces, while Laffer advocates for low taxes, sound money, and free trade as solutions to economic challenges. The debate centers on the role of government and the effectiveness of different economic systems.

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The Backstory: Auto Worker Strike and the Fight for Fair Wages

Prof Wolff joins The Backstory in a discussion about the ongoing auto worker strike, highlighting income inequality, economic crashes, and rising inflation as key concerns. Workers are demanding cost-of-living pay raises, reflecting a broader movement for change in the capitalist system.

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The Socialist Program: Inflation and the Next Crash

Prof. Wolff and Brian Becker discuss the criminal inaction of the White House and Congress against inflation and the rising costs of basic goods we need to live.


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Dialogue Works: Obsolete Notions of Capitalism and Socialism

Prof. Wolff joins Dialogue Works to discuss the evolving concept of socialism in the 21st century, emphasizing the shift away from traditional definitions. Instead, the focus is on transforming workplaces into democratic communities, where every worker has an equal say in decision-making. This vision of socialism, centered on workplace democracy, is gaining traction as the defining aspect of socialism in the future, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

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Dialogue Works: China's Hybrid Economic System and Its Achievements

Prof. Wolff joins Dialogue Works to delve into the intricacies of China's economic evolution, delving into the multifaceted nature of China's socialist-inspired, market-driven economic model. Examining its historical roots, unique blend of state intervention and private enterprise, and its global impact, Prof. Wolff provides valuable insights into the dynamics shaping the future of socialism and the complex backdrop of China-U.S. relations in a rapidly changing world.

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Zero Hour: A Radical Rethink of the Housing Crisis

Prof Wolff joins Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss the ongoing housing crisis in the United States, shedding light on the systemic issues plaguing the housing market and advocating for a government-led approach to address the issue.

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Dialogue Works: The G20 Summit Dominated by the Presence of an Absence

Joining Dialogue Works, Prof Wolff delves into the G20 Summit's outcomes and missed opportunities, as well as the absence of the leaders of Russia and China.

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