Weekly Roundup: June 10, 2020

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New this week: Economic Update, Capitalism Hits Home, two Ask Prof Wolff responses and two Wolff Responds videos...


Cornel West: Without opposing the status quo, people won’t have dignity.

After almost one week of protests all over the US, the cracks of the capitalist system, more clearly revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic’s mass deaths and unemployment, could be more accurately described as canyons. 

“We have overwhelming evidence of the madness, failure of the American capitalist system, hand in hand with the feeble democratic experiment called the USA." - Cornel West, Economic Update: Cornel West on Pandemic Capitalism


Now more than ever, capitalism hits home...

The COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying economic decline are revealing and widening the cracks of our capitalist system more than ever before. These cracks affect us directly, our daily lives, and our relationships. Capitalism really does hit you at home.


Global Capitalism lecture premieres on YouTube tonight!

New lecture premieres TONIGHT! Wednesday, May 13th, at 7:30pm EST

Since we can’t host our regular lecture in NYC due to COVID-19, join Democracy at Work for the YouTube premiere of Global Capitalism Live Economic Update tonight at 7:30pm EST!


The 202nd anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth

Does today’s capitalism invite an “I told you so” from Marx?

May 5 is the 202nd anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth. This May 5, 2020, capitalism experiences its 3rd crash in this new, young century - a crash already rivaling the worst (1930s) in capitalism’s history. This crash emerged from and also worsens capitalism’s already extreme inequality. Once again capitalism’s stark irrationality screams at us. It cannot meet urgent social needs by hiring unemployed workers (who seek jobs) to work with available tools, equipment and raw materials (gathering rust and dust). Profit stands in the way and it is what determines economic activity, capitalism’s “bottom line.” Nothing exposes the unjust absurdity of capitalism more sharply than the COVID-19 pandemic.



May Day 2020 from Richard Wolff, and the [email protected] staff...

Intolerable work conditions have provoked major movements to reform capitalism throughout our modern history. But why should we keep a system that requires workers to endlessly struggle against the opponents who own and operate each enterprise with exclusive control of the profits?


Teachers! Educator copies of our books are now available...

If you, or someone you know, wants to use Understanding Marxism or Understanding Socialism in the classroom, we are ready to help! You can now get discounted educator copies of our books (also known as desk copies, or examination copies).


Understanding Socialism is now available as an ebook!

In a time where we are facing many bleak outcomes from our capitalist system, we are glad to now be able to offer a more accessible ebook of Understanding Socialism.

“Lucid, brilliant and uncompromising in his dissection of the capitalist system 
he also provides a sane and just socialist alternative to capitalist exploitation, 
one we must all fight to achieve.” - Chris Hedges


Examining the world we want to see

There is no end to the shocking, heartbreaking, and alarming news as of late. It’s easy to get sucked into, and to be overwhelmed by it. It can also be distracting, tearing our focus away from the world we want to see. 

If you’d like to realign your perspective, we’d like to suggest our podcast All Things Co-op. 


We must not suffer such a dangerous and unnecessary social breakdown again

A message from Richard D. Wolff:

"On my birthday today, I realize how quickly and utterly the world has changed since last year. I also realize how remarkable the community around Democracy at Work is… and how precious it is. Historic crises are always also historic opportunities for change, if we can see and act on them. With that in mind, I would like to share with you some thoughts on capitalism and the virus."


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