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very interested in using mind mapping to organize myself and the work that I do for the environment, and other social causes. Love listening and learning from R.D.Wolff. Would love to air his talks on our radio station.  We soon will be streaming our local broadcasts on the Internet.

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    Democracy at Work is a non-profitthat advocates for worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces as a key path to a stronger, democratic economic system. Based on the book Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism by Richard D. Wolff, we envision a future where workers at every level of their offices, stores, and factories have equal voices in the direction of their enterprise and its impact within their community and society at large.

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    LannanThe Lannan Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to cultural freedom, diversity and creativity through projects which support exceptional contemporary artists and writers, as well as inspired Native activists in rural indigenous communities. The Foundation recognizes the profound and often unquantifiable value of the creative process and is willing to take risks and make substantial investments in ambitious and experimental thinking. Website

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