How Capitalism and Racism Support Each Other


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Capitalism's supporters use and benefit from a racism whose practice and consequences should be blamed on capitalism itself.



Economic Update: Gentrification: The Market Rules

On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on pay of CEO's that fight $15/ he for workers, workers who get public assistance, facts on taxes paid and evaded, Mitsubishi like VW. Major discussion on...


The Working World: Comparing CEO pay for CVS, L BRANDS, STARBUCKS AND WALMART TO $15 an hour

This special feature is produced by Democracy at Work for Worker Independent News. This is Richard Wolff from Democracy at Work. 

I know that many folks have been paying attention to the rather heroic efforts of retail and restaurant workers across America trying to get fifteen dollars an hour. It’s is hardly good pay and it is hardly anything close to getting the American dream but...


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