Economic Update: Worker Coops: Why and How


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On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on China's rising wages, lethal overdoses and economic crisis, courts worsen Puerto Rico's crisis, moving jobs to Mexico, and Florida governor tries to help Yale evade taxes. Major discussions of minimum wage debates, workers without college degrees, and workers coops as key to doing better than capitalism.

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    It is covered, but the most famous example is Madragon cooperative in Spain. Originally started by 5 people after WW2, currenly has 80K members and is 6th biggest corporation in Spain. You can find it on web.
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    I understand taking over “abandoned” workplaces is one of the most obvious ways of starting workers coops, but what about starting from scratch? Do you believe it is feasible? What would be the “ideal” material conditions for such a start? Would it be easier to do in an agricultural setting, or is it only possible in an urban-industrial context? Should there be “organizers” or should it be a “spontaneous” initiative by the workers?

    I’m new to the site, maybe you already covered this. If that is the case I apologize.
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    Evidently Eminent Domain will need to be used to obtain license and any other right for product or process.
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    Great Update Professor Wolff as usual!
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