Economic Update: Higher Ed Class Struggles

On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on top Corp leaders and top govt officials as tight partners, British wages and Brexit, Goldman Sachs. Interview with Prof Michael Pelias on Long Island University lockout of faculty.

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  • commented 2016-09-29 11:33:26 -0400
    To John Ellis….Many, many are the indigenous cultures that see humans as simply a part of a larger whole, that stress cooperating with each other and the earth itself. It is not that humans are natively greedy – humans are natively both greedy and cooperative. It is the culture and its systems that encourage one over the other. Nature may be unalterably, but culture and systems are human creations, and subject to change. We have fallen ill to a pervasive meme that has been spread through generations and by conquest and colonialism. It is time to reject the meme of greed and exploitation.
  • commented 2016-09-28 08:59:22 -0400

    As wealth is the property we own above what is needed to have a comfortable life, the simple solution to criminal greed and wars unending would be to outlaw wealth.

    Better yet, let us outlaw greed and require everyone to have a conviction that because we all caused global warming, surely we all deserve to be dead. For then everyone would be so grateful for life as to realize that we own nothing, that everything we have belongs to those who suffer want and most guilty would we feel if ever we missed an opportunity to give all we can give.

    Problem is, 99% of humans are born with an ingrate conviction that we owe nature nothing, least of a gratitude for life that would make them giving. For as the conviction goes, we humans have an “unalienable right” to life. A conviction that gives them no choice but to have an additional conviction that if we deserve life, then we must deserve to own the food, income and all the things needed to have an enjoyable life. So, no choice do they have but to be convicted that they have a right to earn all they can earn, to take all that they can take, own all they can own and to be a dictator over all who are on land that they own.

    So, if the 99% are programmed from birth to be ingrate takers for life, if they have a freewill only to the extent that they can take all they can take, then for a fact the purpose of this world has to be reach the ultimate conclusion of greed, pride and the glory power of wealth.

    For what a person feels they deserve, this is their goal in life to achieve, their high watermark and it controls every aspect of their mind, character and personality.
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    Up next: the automatization of teaching in the form of AI interactive programs to teach English lit. and everything else. Why not? Computers can store so much more information than a single professor, no matter how experienced and expert in her field, right? Student: "Professor, what does Fielding’s Tom Jones tell us about the sexual manners of the landed gentry in 18th century England? Professor Bot: “Beginning in the England of the mid-18th century, the rate of population growth increased rapidly due in part to an increase in food production brought about by the industrial revolution and the displacement of the agricultural peasantry to urban production centers. The libertine behavior of the character Tom Jones in Fielding’s eponymously titled novel reveals an attitude toward sex that, extrapolated across his class, explains a rise in the number of foundlings providing additional cheap labor for the growing number of Satanic mills, coal mines, and factories, thereby facilitating the grim Dickensian world of the 19th century.” Student: “Yes, but what about the sexual manners of the landed gentry? How did men and women relate to one another?” Professor bot: “Concupiscence, carriages, ripped bodices and unbuttoned breeches. Compute.”
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