BRICS on the Rise, Countries Ditching the Dollar & U.S. Empire Declines

Don't miss Richard Wolff on Rachel Blevins show as they cover the state of the US economy, exploring the rising cost of living and Americans' dwindling optimism about the economic future. Wolff criticizes other economists and mainstream media for being out of touch with the average person's struggles, highlighting the inability of many Americans to afford housing and education costs. They discuss the global economic shift as the BRICS alliance—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—surpasses the G7’s economic influence, reshaping world dynamics and lessening US power. With attention on the shift from dollar dependency and potential emergence of a collective global currency, Wolff proposes a future where instead of seeking dominance, leading countries like China might pursue a collective and more equitable global arrangement. Throughout the interview, both Wolff and Blevins emphasize a disconnect between government priorities and the needs of ordinary people, illustrated through domestic and international economic policies.

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