About Democracy at Work

We’ve been told time and time again that capitalism supports democracy, but we spend most of the day in a place where we have no vote… our workplace.

A democratic society needs to have democracy in the workplace.

We are Democracy at Work, a worker-led, small-donor-funded non-profit, making media that says we can do better than capitalism - an unjust economic system that is at odds with democracy. For us, critiquing the system isn’t taboo, it’s the first step to a better world. 

Some of the most influential radical thinkers in America today host our free shows and author our books. With Democracy at Work, you can find different perspectives on class conflicts, the economy, and the impact of capitalism on our daily lives. Understand the root causes of the growing inequity all around us, and learn how democratic workplaces can shift power back into the hands of the majority in a real way.

Our shows are free, with no ads, and our books are easy to understand. Our goal is to provide everyday people with simple explanations of ideas like Marxism and socialism- empowering you with the knowledge to create a more equitable future together.

We seek a stronger, fuller democracy in and outside of the workplace. 

Watch, listen, or read Democracy at Work to learn how we can do better than capitalism.


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