Our Supporters

Democracy at Work is a non-profit 501c3 organization that relies on generous donations from supporters. While most media sources rely on paid advertising to cover their costs, we choose to keep our work ad-free. We're proud to be able to provide free anti-capitalist, progressive media that is uncompromised by outside advertising and grateful to our audience for making that choice possible. 

We recognize that not everyone is financially able to contribute, but are appreciative of their attention and any efforts to share and spread our work.

We thank the thousands of people who gave $11.00 on average in 2022.

We gratefully acknowledge those who support us with monthly contributions, which allow us to plan for the future. 

We applaud the following individuals for their generosity. 

  • Maryam Shansab
  • Temay So
  • Jonathan Jarvis
  • Janos Horanszky
  • PW
  • Z. Hranilovich
  • Zak Kaplan


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