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Discussions with Wolff

Professor Wolff has written discussion questions to accompany books and articles he has written to help you build meaningful discussions from them. Use them in your classrooms, study groups or just for yourself.

Take a look at the full list of available articles with discussion questions. 


Recommended Reading Lists

Titoism/Worker Co-ops in Yugoslavia: A Reading List
By Prof Wolff - February, 2020

Marxism’s Theoretical Tradition After Marx: A Reading and Discussion Program 
By Prof Wolff - July, 2019



Volunteers from all over the world help us to translate our video captions. Here are direct links to our YouTube playlists in other languages. 

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Episode Transcriptions

Volunteers help us provide transcripts for our shows. You can find transcripts by looking through show's Episode Lists: 

If a transcript is not listed on these lists, there is currently not one available. 

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