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According to the International Cooperative Alliance's 2017 Global Report, “employment in or within the scope of cooperatives concerns at least 279.4 million people throughout the world” 

So where are they? All around you.

Here are some directories for you to look through.

Here is a list of cooperative organisations that we are proud to feature.

This list features organizations that are d@w partners, or are part of our larger network, and have given consent to be listed on our website. Would you like your co-op or collective action organization represented here? Write to us.

Founded in 2011, Co-op Cincy nurtures a resilient, integrated network of worker-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati. Our goal: an economy that works for all.


The Coalition for Worker Ownership and Power (COWOP) is a growing statewide network in Massachusetts. COWOP aims to bring together worker co-ops and developers, grassroots organizations and labor unions, and funders and investors to resource and coordinate the advancement of a worker ownership movement across Massachusetts.

The Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (CoFED) is building a cooperative food economy, powered by the visionary leadership of young QTBIPOC cooperaors! We partner with food and land co-ops across the US and Canada to embody cooperative values and economics. 

Detroit Community Wealth Fund supports worker ownership and cooperative business development in Detroit and Michigan. We provide pro-bono support and financing for worker-owned businesses in the start-up and growth stages, as well as support for business owners who are interested in transitioning ownership of their businesses. We provide education, consultations, and non-extractive financing.

is a community owned ride-share and delivery app based on blockchain technology. With local cooperatives leveraging a single platform, Eva aims to empower riders, drivers, and local businesses across the globe. The ride-share app enables riders to connect with drivers in a few simple steps. The delivery service is easily integrated into any online ordering platform for instant last-mile delivery with real-time tracking.

 At the Foundation for Intentional Community, we uplift, connect, and empower all those venturing to join, grow, and learn from intentional communities. Our core programs are the Communities Directory, Online Courses, multimedia resources, a discussion forum, advertising, and outreach. The FIC has over 35 years of partnership with hundreds of intentional communities around the world. At a time when people are desperate for more social connection and answers to complex problems, intentional communities offer hope in a broken world.

hOurworld®️ Cooperative is an international network of Time Banks where members earn time credits sharing their talents and services, then later spend those credits on services others provide, strengthening the fabric and resilience of local communities. Ever volunteer? Imagine being “paid” for those hours!

Means TV is the world’s first worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service. Means TV has a library of films, documentaries, and shows with new programming added all the time, including a daily news show. Together, we're building a long-standing, worker-owned media infrastructure that reflects and empowers the 99%.

Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to raise awareness about employee ownership in all forms (including Co-Ops), and assist interested organizations and individuals connect with resources that can assist them in their journey.

The Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit cooperative whose members are co-ops in the Philadelphia region. Our mission is to improve the lives of people in the Philadelphia region by supporting democratically organized businesses, promoting the principles of the international cooperative movement, and growing the cooperative economy. We envision a vibrant and growing network of cooperative enterprises that operate in all sectors of the economy to build a better world.

Reap Goodness is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to developing training for worker cooperatives. We are now dedicated to developing training for formation and support of trios of cooperatives to restore Earth and provide clean, abundant waters, permaculture food forests and animal sanctuary support with high nutrient foods prioritized for both people and wild animals worldwide.

Round Sky Solutions is a worker owned cooperative offering democratic management and leadership courses for cooperators and collaborative leaders in mission-driven organizations. Round Sky holds the unique position of providing space and tools to cooperators to support them in facilitating their teams to bring more shared leadership, clarity, transparency, and effectiveness through tools and personal development practices.

The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) is the national grassroots membership organization for worker cooperatives. Our mission is to build a thriving cooperative movement of stable, empowering jobs through worker-ownership. We advance worker-owned, -managed, and -governed workplaces through cooperative education, advocacy and development. We host a monthly start-up webinar for new cooperative projects, run a Co-op Clinic wherein peer advisors offer technical assistance, and feature a speakers bureau and other fellowship and leadership opportunities that lift up voices of worker-owners toward building our movement.

Worcester Youth Cooperatives is a youth-run cooperative incubator and mutual aid hub moving in international solidarity towards a post-capitalist world by supporting the power of youth to organize cooperative solutions to social issues they care about.


 Worx Printing is a union worker cooperative based out of Worcester, Massachusetts specializing in state-of-the-art, fashion-forward printing techniques using ethical labor. Worx not only uses the highest standards of product sourcing, union printing, and progressive merchandising, we also offer a full suite of fulfillment options.

Would you like your co-op or collective action organization represented here? Write to us.


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