Celebrating 10 Years


d@w celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022. We have produced free content that analyzes capitalism critically as a systemic problem and advocates for democratizing workplaces as part of a systemic solution for a decade! We loved taking a look at how far we've come, and look forward to another 10 years!




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Talia Lugacy

"A beacon of clarity and insight, d@w is a daily resource for a layperson like myself to navigate current events and put them in vital historical context. I have endless gratitude and the deepest regard for the ongoing work of Richard Wolff and D@W - what a sorely needed and utterly essential contribution to our public conversation. Grounding our most urgent collective issues with immense compassion, brilliantly connecting the dots between politics, psychology and economy -- Happy, happy 10th anniversary d@w -- thank you so much for existing and enduring."

Dardan Isufi
Full-time radical listener of Democracy at Work podcasts and part-time co-founder of Eva Cooperative

"Democracy at Work is to the cooperative movement what Solidaridad Obrera was to the labor movement in Spain, a catalyst for innovative ideas. Through its articles and podcasts, Democracy at Work allows the cross-pollination of knowledge and practices allowing cooperatives to unite and consolidate."

Jill Stein
Organizer, physician and environmental health advocate

"I am so grateful to d@w for being an indispensable source of insight and empowerment to so many people yearning for justice, peace, and sustainability - in our lives and the world around us. Since discovering Economic Update a decade ago, I have relied on Professor Wolff to help me grapple with the daunting challenges of our historic moment.
With the support of d@w, I've come to understand the crises of inequality, climate collapse, endless war and more as symptoms of end stage capitalism, and to seek systemic economic transformation for the definitive solutions we urgently need. I am deeply thankful for the guidance and hope offered up by d@w in these troubled times. I urge everyone to listen, share, and support the work of this remarkable organization."

Educator and Activist

"Democracy at Work has been indispensable in my teaching and activism. I’ve been endlessly inspired by how Dr. Richard Wolff is able to make complex economic theory accessible to the masses. As a Marxist geographer myself, I’ve also been highly influenced by Dr. David Harvey, whose Anti-Capitalist Chronicles masterfully interpret our late capitalist experience.
As a leftist it can often feel daunting thinking about how to transition into a truly post-capitalist future. As Zizek and other critics have aptly stated, it can be easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. Democracy at Work has helped reinvigorate my radical imagination. Their practical approach to building worker democracy has helped me to envisage a path through and beyond capitalism.
I’ve shared Democracy at Work’s resources with my students, who have similarly been inspired to act. It was an honor to join Dr. Richard Wolff on an episode of Economic Update, and the fact that he made the time to share his knowledge on my platform on two separate occasions demonstrates Democracy at Work’s true commitment to reaching the people and engendering real change. Thank you, Democracy at Work, for helping to advance the workers’ struggle. Congratulations on 10 years of fantastic work! Solidarity always, and onward to victory!” 


Rodrigo Roa Fernández
Chilean worker and social entrepreneur, advocate of democratic gender parity

"I'm a Chilean worker and cooperativist. I have been sharing your great work with my compatriots and we have been growing up together in the understanding of what really means democracy. Workers self-directed enterprises are at the core of it. I wish, I really wish, that you may have the opportunity to come to Chile and my compatriots may learn from you directly. Because a better Chile is possible. The democratization of the enterprise is urgently required. Thank you for everything. Un abrazo."


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