Mission & Vision


Democracy at Work is a non-profit 501(c)3 that produces anti-capitalist, progressive media. Our work analyzes our capitalist economy critically as a systemic problem and advocates for democratizing workplaces as part of a systemic solution. We seek a stronger, fuller democracy – in our politics, culture and workplaces - based on equal collaboration and shared leadership by workers inside enterprises and throughout society.

We can do better than capitalism.



Democracy at Work makes a unique contribution to the movement for worker cooperatives. We welcome their potential as a short- to medium-term fix for a dangerous and growing set of social and economic problems, and we also go further by promoting them specifically as the necessary alternative to address and replace the root cause of those problems: an increasingly dysfunctional capitalist organization of production. 

We view a social transition from capitalist to cooperative enterprises as a necessary remedy for a capitalist system increasingly generating unacceptable economic and social outcomes.

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