Capitalism Hits Home has a new co-host and new weekly format!


Season 3 of Capitalism Hits Home has kicked off with a new format and a new co-host, Julianna Forlano, a journalist for, writer/performer, clinical therapist and professor. Dr. Harriet Fraad and Democracy at Work are excited to welcome Julianna to the show, which addresses the intersection of capitalism, class, and personal lives.

Together, Dr. Fraad and Julianna have developed a new format to this now weekly show which begins with their comments on timely news events, before digging into a main topic. They welcome your suggestions for these main topics in particular. If you’d like to make a topic suggestion to Dr. Fraad and Julianna, you can do so in the comments section of their videos on YouTube, and Capitalism Hits Home patrons can send direct messages on Patreon.

There are many ways to donate to Democracy at Work, but supporting Capitalism Hits Home on Patreon is a crucial way for you to support this show in particular. If you appreciate Dr. Fraad and Julianna’s work and want to help us at [email protected] spread their message, please consider becoming a patron. 

Both Dr. Fraad and Julianna Forlano generously donate their time to Democracy at Work and Capitalism Hits Home, so your support goes directly to [email protected], a nonprofit whose work analyzes capitalism critically as a systemic problem and advocates for democratizing workplaces as part of a systemic solution.

Catch new episodes every Thursday on our YouTube channel or your favorite podcast player. 



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