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Professor Wolff has written discussion questions to accompany books and articles he has written to help you build meaningful discussions from them. 


"Understanding Socialism"
Book published by Democracy at Work, November 2019
Teachers can request an Educator Copy of this book! Learn more here. 
"Understanding Marxism"
Book published by Democracy at Work, February 2019 (First printing in Nov 2018)
Teachers can request an Educator Copy of this book! Learn more here. 

"COVID-19 Was a Trigger, But Capitalism Caused the Economic Crash"
Truthout, April 2020
Will Climate Change Provoke a Widespread Revival of Socialism?
Truthout, February 2020

"Grades Are Capitalism in Action. Let's Get Them Out of Our Schools"
Truthout, August 2019

"American History and the 2020 Election"
Counterpunch, June 2019

"Yes, We Can Do Better Than Capitalism"
Common Dreams, May 2019
"Socialism and Workers Coops"
Counterpunch, May 2019 
"In US and UK the Working and Middle Classes Are Under Attack"  
Truthout, May 2019
"Is New York's Amazon Overthrow a Turning Point in Capitalism"
Truthout, March 2019
"Republicans And Democrats Are Wedded To Capitalism"
Huffington Post, January 2019

"How Capitalism Has Screwed Women Over"
Huffington Post, October 2018
"Socialists Need To Fight For Economic Change"
Huffington Post, August 2018
"How US Politics Sustains US Capitalism"
Common Dreams, August 2018
"Capitalism Is The Reason Your Employer Is Screwing You Over"
Huffington Post, June 2018
"The Political Economy of Obama / Trump"
Counter Punch, October 2017
"The New Socialism: Moving Beyond Concentrated State Power"
Truthout, May 2017
"Trumps Budget: Fiddling as Capitalism Burns"
Truthout, March 2017
"Trump And Saving Capitalism"
Counter Punch, March 2017


Additional Reading Lists by Prof Wolff:

Titoism/Worker Co-ops in Yugoslavia: A Reading List
By Prof Wolff - February, 2020

Marxism’s Theoretical Tradition After Marx: A Reading and Discussion Program 
By Prof Wolff - July, 2019

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