The eBook of "The Sickness is the System" is now available!

Do you prefer eBooks? If so, you’re in luck. The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself by Professor Richard D. Wolff is now available in an eBook format.

“A blueprint for how we got here, and a plan for how we will rescue ourselves.”
Chris Hedges 

"Indeed, his book is so thorough, so comprehensive in its insightful analysis, that it is a practically a one-stop center for anyone who wants to understand why the year 2020 has been such a dumpster fire."

“In this compelling set of essays, and with his signature clarity, intensity, accessibility and deference to historical and present perspective, Wolff has issued not just a stark warning, but concrete reasoning, as to why this time really should be different.”
Nomi Prins

"Very hopeful, and very inspiring"
Della Z Duncan, Upstream Podcast


The Sickness is the System is a unique collection of over 50 essays in which Prof Wolff argues clearly that "returning to normal" no longer responds adequately to the accumulated problems of US capitalism. What is necessary, instead, is transition toward a new economic system that works for all of us.

We hope that this format makes the book and its message more accessible to a wider audience. It is also still available in paperback form. 

The Sickness is the System is published by Democracy at Work. Professor Wolff generously donated his time and work so that all sales revenue could go to support [email protected] Buy your copy on Lulu to make sure your purchase supports us as much as possible. 


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