Economic Update: Higher Education in Crisis


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Today's updates include an analysis of unemployment numbers to show what they hide as well as reveal. Responses to listeners' questions expose the economics of lotteries and why the largest US corporations have recently used their profits to buy back their shares in the stock markets. The second half of the show features an in-depth interview with Prof. Sohnya Sayres where we explore the end of free college and universities in the US, the rise of administrators dominating students and faculty and what these trends have meant for the quality of higher education in the US.

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  • Allen Wood
    commented 2022-08-29 07:53:50 -0400
    The final part of the show includes an inside and out interview with Prof. Sohnya Sayres where we investigate the finish of free school and colleges in the US, the ascent of executives ruling understudies and workforce and how these patterns have affected the nature of advanced education in the US.
  • Anonymous
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