Economic Update: Labor Day Economics


Updates on Labor Day's meaning, Amazon's workplace horrors, Dunkin Donuts' CEO against $ 15/hr, and how capitalism undermines recycling. Response to questions on shifting US federal tax burdens and on state's role in capitalist economies. Major discussion of criticism of capitalism and directions for a better system.

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  • ABear Holhut
    commented 2015-09-18 13:14:49 -0400
    I would very much appreciate a written transcript of this program. Actually, if all of the Economic Updates would be transcribed, printed and available, that would be great.

    I do my own internet show/podcast and have for years used some of the ideas/analogies etc that I come across from Rick and others on my own show – normally with attribution if a direct quote or sound clip is used.

    I do have a question about something said by Rick on this particular show. Rick said, in his set up about the original Boston Tea Party that the colonials were ticked at England about a raise on taxes. That is what I was taught in public school, of course, but over the years I have come to understand that it wasn’t a rise in taxes that they were mad about. Rather, it was a lowering of taxes on the tea from the East India Tea Company – the favorite company of the crown at the time – The crown was trying to favor the imported Tea over the domestically grown tea of the colonies.

    My question is… have I gotten this wrong? Was it, indeed, a LOWERING of taxes that triggered the revolt rather than a raising of taxes as I was originally taught and as I heard Rick say on this program?

    I get it that the overall point was that the colonials wanted control over their economics etc… but I always like to have my facts as straight as possible.

    Can you set it straight for me and others?

    Solidarity, Pinko the Bear aka ABear aka Brad Holhut

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