EconoMinute: Consumerism

In this EconoMinute, Professor Richard D. Wolff talks about the pitfalls of consumerism and how companies influence our purchasing behaviors.

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  • Marie McLean
    commented 2018-01-02 21:33:34 -0500
    Despite the flip judgmentalism offered on my own post, I remain quite serious with regard to my font query. It is not at all beside the point to my own research, and I’d gently suggest that any incoherence is in the eye of the beholder. I will, however, echo the sentiment that all your work is very finely presented and appreciated. I would look forward to a response to my original query posted above. Cheers till then.
  • Luke Carus
    commented 2018-01-02 18:06:07 -0500
    I spite of some poster’s flip, rather incoherent, and totally beside the point comment, this video is an excellent explanation of the role of consumerism in driving the ills of capitalism. Thank you so much for your insights and making them available to the rest of us.
  • Marie McLean
    commented 2018-01-02 16:03:49 -0500
    I recognize 5 of the 11 letter fonts in this graphic as being corporately branded. Which means, I guess, that my brain is halfway branded! Do you think you could share with us from which corporations all these fonts were borrowed?? I’d love to run a contest or something to crowdsource answers. Could be fun, so thanks and Happy New Year!
  • Marie McLean
    followed this page 2018-01-02 16:03:45 -0500
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