EconoMinute: What Brexit Means

In this EconoMinute, Prof. Richard Wolff talks about the decision made by the people of Great Britain to leave the European Union, what the decision means for the EU and England and it's impact on the global economy.

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  • Tom Riviere
    commented 2016-10-14 08:38:31 -0400
    Always very educational and a logical analysis.
  • Jude Perera
    commented 2016-08-26 04:25:43 -0400
    It would have been worth the effort if the impact of this initiative was discussed.
  • Jeremy Wells
    commented 2016-07-11 21:01:57 -0400
    This EconoMinute: What Brexit Means notice and link was posted as part of a comment on the AFL-CIO NOW Blog article:

    The Economy Adds 287,000 Jobs in June, and Unemployment Up Slightly to 4.9%

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