Economic Update: Lessons About and From Socialism


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On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on the economic significance of Sanders' Iowa vote, Keynes on risks of revolution against capitalism, costs of oil market collapse. Interview with author Pete Dolack on lessons for today of past experiments in socialism.


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    I agree it is not over, it is beginning.
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    One thing that has been generally ( but not always) missing in Prof. Woff’s presentations about WSDE’s is the political aspect. How WSDE-‘s fit in with the whole economy and the society as a whole. WSDE’s by themselves are inadequate to build a new society; they can easily become just a lot of small selfish businesses competing against each other,very similar to small “petty bourgeois” capitalism. So I was glad to see him finally come out here with an socialist proposal to set up an international organization to control oil production and prices for the whole world, for the benefit of the whole world. Socialism cannot be built solely from the bottom up; it requires rebuilding the whole society, top to bottom. Peter Dolack’s ideas are very good and merit a whole lot more discussion.. How do we get such a discussion going?
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    I ordered Pete Dolack’s book as soon as I finished the podcast and got to the office. I can’t wait to read it. Great guest, great interview.
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    Dems in Iowa and New Hampshire don’t seem to worry about the “socialist” label that Bernie has chosen to wear. They certainly like his progressive record and ideas. Clearly, his greatest obstacle is going to be the inertia of the DNC and their entrenched ‘establishment’.
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    Another great informative show and we are certainly building momentum for a great change in America with Bernie Sanders! My only worry is the corporate scoundrels hovering around hillary have already got millions of democrats in a state of cognitive dissonance about what hillary is and can do… which is more compromise positions that have led US nowhere in the United States!
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