Gifts that support a union worker co-op and [email protected]

Are you looking for holiday gifts that support your values not Bezos? All items in
the [email protected] store are USA union made and union worker cooperative printed.

Our newest t-shirt design features a quote from Rosa Luxemburg, “The most revolutionary thing one can do is always to proclaim loudly what is happening.”The popular “We can do better than capitalism” t-shirt is now also available in red. US orders made before December 4th have the best chance of being delivered before Dec 25th.

Take a look now through our t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags.

When you buy from our store, you are participating in and helping us advocate for the type of economy we want to see: one based on workers’ equal collaboration and shared leadership inside enterprises and throughout society.

Now that’s a purchase one can feel good about! 


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