Global Capitalism: October 2015 Monthly Economic Update

Global Capitalist Downturn Yet Again

Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum, and Judson Memorial Church

These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month. Then Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. For October, these include:

1. Volkswagen: Scandal for Capitalism, Germany and Beyond
2. Bad US Job Numbers; Wages Stagnate; Prices Fall….Downturn Looms
3. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Corps/Govts Do Their Trade Deals

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  • Eric White
    followed this page 2016-09-19 09:58:51 -0400
  • Jose Zacarias
    commented 2015-10-26 17:06:10 -0400
    Outstanding coverage of monthly economic issues. I particularly enjoy the connection between Clinton’s " saving capitalism " comment and VW cheating scandal as well as the TPP. The most important comment however, the need for us to understand our history of labor empowerment in order to buld opposition movements against the undemocratic capital partnerships.
  • Lonnie Griesbaum
    commented 2015-10-23 14:44:07 -0400
    Excellent as always. From the heart of right wing conservatism, Louisville, Ky.
  • mike higgins
    commented 2015-10-23 03:57:37 -0400
    I really enjoyed the obvious facts put forth by Richard Wolff and Chris Hedges, both of whom I have listened to many times before now. Unfortunately Chris hedges in this speech was recorded in a brick walled room and the acoustics were atrocious. Surely the audio technology of today should be considered important so as to match the superb content of the speeches.
  • stephen Verchinski
    commented 2015-10-22 22:41:52 -0400
    Thank you. Enjoyed the program.
  • Michael Jacob Santos
    commented 2015-10-22 20:40:15 -0400
    We al know Capitalism is a LIE..but Professor Wolff lays it out in plain English.

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