Israel is Losing Significantly, and It's Only Getting Worse

Watch Richard Wolff on Dialogue Works as they discuss the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its repercussions in the United States, particularly in the context of student demonstrations and university responses. Wolff highlights the historical struggles between Israelis and Palestinians, emphasizing the imbalanced power dynamic and the controversial Israeli military actions, which he argues have only worsened the crisis. He expresses deep concern that U.S. universities and police have suppressed student protests against U.S. foreign policy through force, possibly curtailing civil liberties and igniting a wider student movement. Wolff also discusses the shifting global sympathies towards Palestine, fearing that Israel's actions are damaging its position and amplifying support for Palestinians as victims. Lastly, Wolff stresses the potential long-term impacts of these events, forecasting an energized movement among students and faculty that could influence future American politics and foreign policy.

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