Join Us for Stuck Nation - Live with Bob Hennelly

A year ago journalist Bob Hennelly asked if the United States could change the course of its history of choosing profits over people. Today, that remains very much the central question we grapple with as a nation.

Join us on July 15, from 1pm-2pm ET / 10a-11am PT for a live, digital event with Bob Hennelly, in which Bob connects major themes of his book Stuck Nation to recent events and answers questions from the audience via comments on YouTube.

We still are very much a Stuck Nation, now teetering on the edge. How else do we explain a country that can project massive military power anywhere in the world yet can't protect its children from mass slaughter at school? It can generate massive fortunes for the top .01 percent but it can't manage to produce sufficient infant formula?

It also appears that increasingly workers across the country are organizing themselves into unions with a 57 percent year over year spike in petitions filed with the National Labor Relations Board for union recognition. And increasingly elected officials who oversee the public pension funds for millions of retirees are using stockholder resolutions to hold the likes of Amazon, Chipotle and Dollar General accountable for self-dealing CEO pay compensation and stock buybacks.

How do these competing trends resolve? That's for all of us to determine.

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About the Author: Robert "Bob" Hennelly is an award-winning print and broadcast journalist. He is currently the City Hall reporter for LaborPress, a New-York-City-based news source on regional and national labor issues. He hosts a morning drive time program on WBAI (Pacifica in New York) 99.5 FM every Monday at 7 a.m. EST on labor issues. He is also a regular contributor to Salon, Insider NJ, and WBGO-Newark Public Radio. Follow Bob on Twitter (@stucknation)

We hope to see you there!

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