Worker Cooperatives: Bringing democracy into the workplace : Hosted by d@w-LA

This is an independent event hosted by a d@w-Group. Please direct all questions to the contact listed below. 


In a time when 69 of the 100 wealthiest entities in the world are CORPORATIONS and not countries, analyzing the structure of our workplace has never been more important! In our society, our workplace is where we spend the majority of our time. It has a HUGE impact on our lives, and often the entities we work for wield incredible international power. 

In case you haven't noticed, our workplaces are PROFOUNDLY undemocratic. We have NO SAY about what, where, and how we produce the goods and services that our employer provides. 

WORKER COOPERATIVES give each and every worker member a vote on how they manage themselves, their incomes, and what to do with company surplus! When workers control their workplaces, they are less likely to exploit the workers (themselves), or make decisions that hurt their community (pollution or relocation).


Learn more about this model and the potential it has to tackle the many intersectional issues that keep the majority of our citizens down. Professionals and activists from Democracy at Work - Los Angeles and Collective Remake will be speaking. 

Democracy at Work - Los Angeles (D@W-LA) is a local volunteer action group founded with the intent to generate a positive cultural shift towards worker cooperatives through advocacy and education. Its goal is to facilitate the transformation of our economic system.

COLLECTIVE REMAKE: Art, Business, Education, News, People, and Recycling for Sustainability, is a unique social enterprise, designed to support the creation of worker-owned businesses in communities that have been disenfranchised by mass incarceration. Mary Sutton, a long-time activist, prison abolitionist, and recent graduate in the MA in Urban Sustainability at Antioch University Los Angeles, designed Collective REMAKE as her final capstone project — Build Cooperatives Not Prisons and Jails.


This workshop, and all #WorkshopsAtBernies, will be open to all! Whether you are new to activism, whether you've been in the fight for years, or whether you're just curious about the individual subjects and want to learn, you are invited to join in. One of the most important things we can do right now is learn from one another. The workshops team is committed to covering as wide a range of topics as possible with this series. If there's any subject you're interested in hearing about (or interested in hosting) and we don't already have a workshop on it, please shoot us a message and let’s build it together! 

In solidarity,
The #WorkshopsAtBernies Team
May 14, 2017 at 8:00pm - 11:15pm
Bernie's Coffee Shop Volunteer Office
6101 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
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