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I distinctly remember the lightbulb that went off when I first heard Prof Wolff pose the question, “If we value democracy, why don’t we have it in the place where we spend most of our adult lives: our workplace?” 

I had never heard such a clear and simple explanation of the structural relationships that define capitalism and the major economic systems before it (master/slave, lord/serf, employer/employee). And when Prof Wolff explained that we would transition from capitalism just as we had transitioned from feudalism and slavery… I felt empowered.  

And I shared it. I shared the videos and the ideas with my friends, family, peers, and colleagues, most of whom had not heard this perspective before. It was exciting to talk about the idea of a new system based on workplace democracy, one that could get started now from within capitalism, and one that could have incredible intersectional effects for other causes as well. 

Thank you for helping us give that moment to others. 

The ability to see the world through a different lens is emancipating. Prof Harvey said recently, “The emancipated laborer would be somebody who is emancipated in their heads and in their consciousness… Questions which should be addressed at a global level come back to actually change the life of ordinary people in ordinary situations.” We want to cultivate the curiosity that can drive a movement for a stronger, fuller democracy inside and outside of the workplace. And you are helping us do that.

By supporting us financially, or by sharing our shows, emails, and books, you enable us to emancipate more minds, spur more conversations, and grow the drive to move beyond capitalism. We are so grateful for your support. Thank you for being part of the backbone of Democracy at Work. 

Happy New Year, 

Liz Phillips
Co-Managing & Communications Director
Democracy at Work


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