PRF Review: Sanders and AOC letter Misses the Mark

Sen. Sanders and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez signed a letter with other Democrats demanding the end of the Financial Oversight and Management Board's control over economic decisions of Puerto Rico. While the letter has some good points, Andrew discusses why it misses the mark. 

"It's a little bit difficult to be swayed by the letters apparent goodwill when it basically sidesteps the main issue that allows the Puerto Rico Financial and Oversight Management Board (FOMB) to exist in the first place, which is Puerto Rico's status. If you didn't have Puerto Rico's current colonial status, you wouldn't be able to have a FOMB... PR is a colony it's not being treated as a colony. It is being treated as what it is, a colony. We need to continue driving that point home."  - Andrew Mercado-Vázquez

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  • Andrew Mercado-Vázquez
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