Remembering Michael Brooks

We are deeply saddened by the tragic news of Michael Brooks' untimely death. Michael was a comrade and a very good friend of [email protected] and Prof Wolff, who had these words to share...

“Michael Brooks was a wonderful friend. What I will remember most about him besides his energy, warmth, and sharpness of questions and comments was what we talked about in our last conversation, about the need to reach out and do more programming on international issues. He was further along in that than I am and showed me ways to do it. I really will miss him and the chances of developing the projects we discussed. I feel the loss. While we are increasing, we are still few and Michael was making a major difference.” 

As we all process this great loss to the left, we invite you to take another look at some of the collaborations between Michael, Prof Wolff, and [email protected] 

Michael was committed to justice, truth & compassionate understanding of one another. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.



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