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Are you in the U.S., looking to buy books online, and trying to avoid Amazon like the plague? You’re in luck. There is a new online option that supports local bookstores and book lovers like us at Democracy at Work.

Democracy at Work is now a proud affiliate of, “an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.” By design they “give away over 75% of [their] profit margin to stores, publications, authors and others who make up the thriving, inspirational culture around books.”

The [email protected] bookshop page features recommended reading lists that we’ve created with you, our audience, in mind. If you purchase a book from any of these lists, [email protected] will receive a 10% commission, and the Bookshop pool of independent bookstores will receive a 10% commission as well.

You can also look for your local bookstore on If they’re signed up and you buy a book from their bookshop page, they’ll receive the full profit off your order. 

Learn more about on their website, and be sure to look through [email protected]’s bookshop page’s recommended reading lists. Currently we have:

  • Prof Wolff Recommended Reading: Socialism
  • [email protected] Recommended Reading: Cooperatives
  • Prof Wolff Recommended Reading: Miscellaneous
  • Books by guests of Economic Update

Stay tuned as we continue to add more books and recommended reading lists.

Happy reading.



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