The Critical Hour: Weekly News Wrap-Up: Biden Debate Debacle

On The Critical Hour, Richard Wolff offers perspectives on the recent US presidential debate, critiquing the state of American capitalism and leadership. He scrutinizes the economic systems of the United States and other Western countries, noting a shift in global financial power to the BRICS nations. Wolff dismisses the personal economic claims of both candidates as irrelevant to the systemic issues facing the country, emphasizing the deeper structural failures such as the inability to provide adequate housing. He highlights the US's recent military and geopolitical losses as indicative of a declining empire, urging a more introspective national assessment. Additionally, Wolff challenges the notion that either Trump’s or Biden’s administration could single-handedly shape the economy, pointing to the complexities of global economic dynamics and growth disparities.

Prof. Wolff's segment - (0:00 - 22:00)

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